Retro shapes, colors influence High Point Market

Apr. 14, 2014 @ 12:49 PM

What’s old is new again at High Point Market according to Style Spotter Michelle Jennings Wiebe.
Retro-inspired furniture and accessories from the 50s and 60s debuted at market last spring and have had staying power and have started to include the 70s.
“I was in Bernhardt and a lot of their pieces has the gold and brass and that Tom Ford glamourous feel,” Wiebe said.
Wiebe, owner and designer at Studio M in Tampa, Fla., said that color is still holding strong in furniture and accessories.
“Color is still prevalent and I’m seeing some new colors as well,” she said. “This new color that I’m calling pomegranate is not quite red, not quite burgundy but not pink. It’s very very pretty. I’m also seeing some periwinkle and corals.
Wiebe said that neutrals also are making a comeback.
“Neutrals are a pretty big story this market,” she said. “Smoky browns, graphite grays, warm grays, more layered deeper neutrals that are getting away from beige.”
Wiebe said a trend that has been around market but is prevalent this year is shagreen, a form of rawhide that used made of horse or shark skin that now is made to look like shark skin.
“It’s been around market for awhile but there was an explosion of it now, she said. It’s in furniture, cocktail tables, little accessory jewelry boxes, light fixtures, it’s everywhere.”
Wiebe said that she’s a little “design schizophrenic” when it comes to her personal style.
“I need like 20 houses because I like so many different things,” she said. “I used to be very traditional but now I really like contemporary with clean lines, color and signature original artwork.”
Wiebe is a High Point Market veteran and said that the semiannual event is beneficial to her as a designer.
“High Point (Market) is like New York Fashion Week for furniture,” she said. “It’s really invaluable to me as a designer and awesome networking and educational opportunity. | 888-3617