Quotes overheard at meeting

Oct. 03, 2013 @ 06:46 PM

Heard at the special meeting at council chambers Thursday

“I came down just to see what was going to take place. Are you going to tarnish someone’s legacy? Probably so. But it does not change the fact that she is the mayor of High Point no matter who voted on what in this chamber today. My question is how many of these people are going to be here on Monday when it counts? You can avoid things like this when you fill the chamber on a consistent basis.”
— Glenn Chavis, local historian

“I’m disappointed today by what I saw from council. What I saw today was divisive. It had absolutely nothing to do with the purpose of passion. Now that it’s been done, now that it is record, now that the point has been proven, can council please get back to the business of creating a single community to help make High Point the safest, most prosperous community in America?”
— Rev. Henrico White, St. Stephen’s AME Zion Church

“I am in favor of the mayor staying office for one particular reason, she does her job well. I have found out that Jim Crow and racism is very strong in High Point, and it needs to be dealt with. We have a whole lot of people in High Point who think they are doing well, but they are not.”
— William Lowery Jr., resident

“I agree that this will cause racial tension, but no more so than before. Things here have been so undercover for many years. Now that President Obama was elected, a lot of the hidden racism has been brought to the forefront. I suggest that Becky Smothers and some of the other so-called-council members that want everything to seem fair, open up their personal records and lives to see what we find there. Her personal business doesn’t impact her job as mayor, so they should back off.”
— Dorothy Collins, resident

“We have some color issues here that need to be addressed. This, here, is politics at its best. Can we now get to business? Let’s talk about real issues, real things that need to be done in the community. We have to stop talking in circles and at each other, and start talking to each other. Let us come together and get some business taken care of in High Point.”
— Antywone Miller, resident and city employee

“I would like to hear from council. What are you going to do moving forward? The resolution has passed. You know that our mayor is not going to step down. What are you going to do as a council to work together and move past this?”
— Letonya Shaw, business owner and resident

“Race always becomes an issue, particularly when you cast a vote and it falls down racial lines. Of course, that’s going to be part of the discussion we have in this community. It’s part of the discussion at the national level, so how could it not trickle down to local politics? I believe that we’re better than that, and we can be better than that, and so our job is to work to make sure that it’s not about race.”
— Mayor Bernita Sims

“Personally, this is probably the lowest point in my life that I’ve ever experienced. I think it’s a low point for our city. But I was elected by the citizens of Ward 5 to be their voice, to take a position and to cast a vote for those citizens. And today, that’s what I did. ... The heart of me wants to embrace the mayor and be compassionate. But, I think in order for this city to move forward, we’ve got to restore the confidence and the trust back in our ability to lead and represent the city. So, I think today was a necessary task in order to move forward.”
— Councilman Jim Davis

“This is wrong. You all know good and well that you should not be deciding another person’s life. You are taking away her very livelihood by saying that, ‘Oh, my constituents are saying she should resign.’ We are your constituents. We are here in force. And we are saying that, what you did today, you opened up a can of worms.”
— Doretta Sims, sister of Bernita Sims

“You are racially dividing this city. This morning, this city is no longer together. It’s racially divided, because you all made it so.”
— Buford Bailey, High Point resident, addressing the council