Triplett still campaigning for sheriff's job

Sep. 30, 2013 @ 12:22 PM

Hal Triplett has been campaigning for Davidson County sheriff since 2010.
The former deputy sheriff’s goal — a 2014 win on the Republican ticket.
“People have seen the signs for years and wonder if I am still running,” Triplett said. “I’m still running.”
Triplett, 63, left the sheriff’s department in 2008 and went to Iraq as an employee of a private security company, where he trained officers for the Iraqi police force in the Al Kut region. He was a deputy for 12 years and served as a police dog trainer and a lieutenant patrol supervisor. He also is a former U.S. Marine.
Since his return, Triplett has had three police-related jobs, including serving on the East Spencer police force and security guard work.
Triplett, whose campaign material does not display Republican symbols, would face Sheriff David Grice and any other Republicans who file for the job in the 2014 Republican primary. Grice was appointed to the post by the Republican Party in 2004 to fill the job Gerald Hege held until Hege resigned after pleading guilty to two felony counts of obstruction of justice for attempting to cover up money missing from the vice and narcotics unit of the sheriff’s department. Grice won election in 2006.
Grice, a veteran of the Sheriff’s Office and the Denton Police Department before his appointment and election, also was a criminal justice instructor at Davidson County Community College for 30 years. 
“We are in the campaign mode, too,” Grice said. “We take this seriously.”
Triplett worked for Hege and Grice. He said he respects Grice and that he has not talked with Hege.
“The campaign is not about Hege or Grice,”  Triplett said. “It’s about me and what I can do. I will not have a negative campaign.”
As for the issues, Triplett stressed better community connections by saying he wants to give the office “back to the people.”  Grice said he intends to watch the budget carefully and continue to work to reduce crime, which dropped 19 percent last year, by focusing on property crimes.