First chance of light snow tonight

Nov. 12, 2013 @ 08:09 AM

It won’t be beginning to look a lot like a snow white Christmas today, but there is an outside chance that High Pointers will see their first, fleeting snow of the season this evening.
The chance of a small amount of snow Tuesday is about 50 percent, according to National Weather Service projections. Even if it does snow, no accumulation is expected overnight  into early Wednesday morning, said National Weather Service forecaster Mike Strickler out of Raleigh.
“There’s a pretty decent chance there’s going to be a little bit of wet snow mixing in with the precipitation, but it’s not going to amount to anything,” Strickler told The High Point Enterprise.
A light rain will begin in the middle to late afternoon, then turn to a mix of rain and snow after sunset.
“It’s going to be light,” Strickler said, adding that the precipitation shouldn’t create treacherous conditions.
The precipitation should end later this evening, with cold, dry conditions taking hold by Wednesday, Strickler said. Lows overnight today and Wednesday should be in the lower to middle 20s.
Snowfalls in the High Point area aren’t typical in early to middle November, but do happen occasionally. However, heavy snowfalls during November are rare in the city, Strickler said. 
The earliest day in a cold-weather season in which snow was equal to or greater than 1 inch took place Nov. 11, 1968, according to National Weather Service records. The last time measurable snow was recorded in the High Point area during November was 2008, when the city had 0.6 inches. Over a more than 100-year period, the High Point area averages 0.2 inches of snow during November, according to National Weather Service records. | 888-3528