GCS collecting tablets, receiving new equipment

Oct. 30, 2013 @ 05:07 PM

Guilford County Schools staff is rounding up the tablets to send back to the company.
Amplify, the company that supplied the tablets to Guilford County Schools, agreed to replace all tablets and accessories with brand new equipment.
GCS staff will work with a team from Amplify to pack and ship all 15,000 tablets back to the company in Brooklyn.
Amplify will be responsible for all the shipping costs.
Earlier this month, GCS suspended its tablet program because of safety concerns including broken screens and overheating chargers.
Over the past few weeks, the Personalized Learning Environment Facilitators have taken the lead at the school level to collect the tablets and related accessories. PLEFs also noted and recorded damage to each tablet and related items.
GCS officials said that collecting the tablets is a time-consuming process, because each tablet has a serial number that must be linked to a school and student, and each must be accounted for.
Starting this week, Amplify teams will be in the PACE schools, verifying serial numbers and recording breakage information. They will also wipe each tablet of all identifiable student information, pack them in boxes and prepare them for shipping. Amplify staff plan to focus on two schools per day, with a goal of wrapping up in two to three weeks.
There are 18 PACE schools in Guilford County Schools.
Last Thursday, the district received a letter from Amplify CEO Joel Klein asserting that the safety of students and the concerns about equipment are a top priority for the Brooklyn-based company.
“We are committed to supporting the PACE initiative and broader efforts to personalize learning for every student with software, hardware and services that will serve as a model for other districts around the country,” Klein wrote.
Amplify is in the process of selecting a replacement option.
“This is an important decision, and it will take some time to reach the right choice.” Klein wrote. “We will update you with more information as it becomes available, and we will look for your input throughout this process.”