Born to ride

High Point native named Harley-Davidson Enthusiast
Oct. 27, 2013 @ 07:28 PM

Sam Walls Jr. has a love for Harley-Davidson bikes.
“Harley-Davidson is an American-made motorcycle,” Walls said. “Regardless of where you are at, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle commands respect for you. Everybody respects a person riding on a Harley-Davidson opposed to a foreign-made motorcycle.”
The High Point native lives in Rialto, Calif., and was highlighted in this summer’s Harley-Davidson magazine as a Quaid Harley-Davidson Loma Linda Harley enthusiast.
Walls said the motorcycle gives a freeing experience out on the road.
“They hold their value,” Walls said. “It is so nice to be out on the freeway, highway or street riding that motorcycle.”
Walls said he can’t remember exactly how many Harleys he has owned over the years, but he and his wife now own three of them.
“I used to have one in Iwakuni, Japan,” Wall said. “I love Harley-Davidsons and I love motorcycles.”
Walls graduated from William Penn in 1963 and enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps. He served three tours in Vietnam and used to work for Richard Nixon and worked as a high school teacher. Currently, he is a deputy with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. He rides with the law-enforcement motorcycle club Blue Knights International.
“I have a very colorful past, but I am still the same Sam that grew up in High Point,” Walls said. “It doesn’t change me at all.”
For those wondering what his wife, Regina, thinks of his love for Harley-Davidson, she is just fine with it.
“She rides too,” Walls said. “I have a three-wheeled and two-wheeled motorcycle for her. Every other year, she gives me 15 days to go to Sturgis, S.D. (home of the famous yearly motorcycle rally). I jump in my motor home, put my bike on a trailer, and go there for 15 days. It is well understood that I can not call back for an extension.”
Walls has been to Harley-Davidson stores in 48 out of 50 states.
“When I drive from state to state, I visit the Harley-Davidson shop and buy some sort of souvenir,” Walls said. “I have never been to Alaska or Maine.”
He has more than 35 old Harley-Davidson T-shirts that he is hoping to have made into a two-sided blanket.
“I want them cut, sewn together and make a blanket, with cotton in between,” Walls said. “It will be a blanket of shirts that I have worn over the years. I do have a High Point Furniture Capital of the World shirt that I would like in the middle of the pattern.”
Walls said he rides his motorcycle all over California.
“I have been known to ride from Rialto to El Paso, Texas, to buy a pair of western boots,” Walls said. “You just get out on the highway and get that feeling of freedom.” | 888-3657