Is this finally it for snow?

Mar. 25, 2014 @ 01:15 PM

When it comes to the end of the chance for snow, finally this time may be it. 
The High Point area got a passing snow shower Tuesday morning that didn’t result in any accumulation. After a winter that’s featured several snowfalls, as well as a paralyzing ice storm March 7, the threat of wintry precipitation appears to be ending.
The position of the jet stream across the United States, which has allowed for frequent winter storms in the South and East during the past several months, is retreating to the north in a more springlike pattern.
A four-week outlook shows a shift in the coldest temperatures across the Canadian border, said Paul Pastelok, senior meteorologist with AccuWeather.
“It’s transitioning out into spring, finally,” Pastelok said. “It’s not much snow to really talk about anymore.”
Any chance of a passing early spring snowfall probably would be confined to the mountains of western or northwestern North Carolina in higher elevations, Pastelok told The High Point Enterprise.
“I don’t see anything of serious consequence going through the first part of April,” he said.
The High Point area recorded 15.3 inches of snow since winter officially began late last year. That’s edging close to double the 8.7-inch average snowfall for a winter season locally, according to National Weather Service figures.
The wintry precipitation Tuesday was the latest local snowfall during March in the past 11 years, the National Weather Service reports. | 888-3528


When can you plant?
After Wednesday, when high temperatures top out in the mid-40s, springlike temperatures should take hold in the High Point area. By Friday, the high should be around 60.
So does that mean you can start planting in your garden or yard? The Guilford County office of the N.C. Cooperative Extension Service advises people to wait to plant many vegetables until after the typical threat of the last frost or freeze.
Most vegetables can be planted after April 15, but tender vegetables such as tomatoes or peppers shouldn’t be planted until after May 1. For flowers, any new plantings or transplants should wait until after April 15. But a plant that already has been in the cold weather and acclimated to conditions probably can be replanted now.