New health clinic helps down-on-luck adults

Mar. 07, 2013 @ 05:14 PM

Cornerstone Care Outreach Clinic recently opened to help adult Medicaid and low-income Medicare patients – most with complex and costly illnesses – have a location where a doctor-led team spends more time with patients to help them better manage their illnesses.

Cornerstone Health Care held a press conference Thursday at the clinic at 624 Quaker Lane, suite D-200, near High Point Regional Hospital. The 7,500-square-foot clinic opened two weeks ago.
“This is a vulnerable group of patients due to age, high-risk medical conditions and lower incomes,’ said Dr. David Talbot, medical director at the clinic. “They often have a hard time finding a doctor or source of care.”
The cost of providing care to adult Medicaid patients is often higher than reimbursement under the federal and state program, making it difficult for Medicaid patients – as well as Medicare patients with low incomes — to find care, Cornerstone reports. The clinic will take patients from the greater High Point area, which includes Davidson and Randolph counties.
“We think we can meaningfully improve the quality of life for these patients and lower the cost of care while doing so,” Talbot said.
The clinic will feature longer appointments that can include disease education along with counseling to manage stress, frustration or depression that often accompanies chronic illness.
The clinic is unique for Cornerstone and reflects innovations in other parts of the country to address the health care of low-income adults.


The new Cornerstone Care Outreach Clinic serves adults — meaning those 18 years and older — who are on Medicaid and qualify for low-income Medicare assistance. The clinic is near downtown at 624 Quaker Lane, suite D-200, off of Lindsay Street near High Point Regional Hospital. The phone number for the clinic is 802-2291.