Archdale parks director retires

Jan. 04, 2013 @ 03:52 PM

Archdale will have a new director at the helm of its Parks and Recreation Department following the retirement of 17-year director Elaine Alberston.
Alberston’s last day was Dec. 31. She was hired in 1995 as a one-person department and has since doubled the size of Creekside Park, oversaw the construction of the recreation and senior centers and supervised a seven-person full-time staff.
Brian Clodfelter, former athletic program leader and Archdale native, has been appointed as acting director in the interim. He has been with the city for 15 years and has been responsible for the athletic events and management of equipment.
Archdale has finished its recruiting process for the position but has not yet made a decision on a permanent director.
An Archdale native, Albertson helped mold the department and Creekside Park into a place that’s popular with residents of Archdale and the surrounding areas. She said having 30 years in with the state retirement system and spending more time with her family played a part in her decision to retire.
Her daughter, Scout, a junior at North Carolina State, plays softball, and her son, Will, a freshman at Campbell University, plays baseball. Her kids’ baseball and softball seasons will be in the spring, and Albertson plans to be there to support them. Albertson said she hopes she can spend more time with them, catch their games and spend time with her mother and in-laws.
“This enables me to spend more time with them,” she said. “They are all healthy, but this gives me a chance at quality time with them. This is a life-changing opportunity for me. I am able to go do things that I want to do. I knew in my heart there where other things I wanted to do.”
Archdale has named the Pony League ball field at Creekside Park in honor of Albertson and her husband, Kevin. The couple have played a major part in the creation of the field, located in front of the concession stand, according to City Manager Jerry Yarborough.
“It was recommended from the parks and recreation advisory board that the field be named for the Albertson family, out of respect for the work that she has done as department head,“ Yarborough said. “In addition, she has developed local interests and fundraising efforts for the field. Her and her husband, Kevin, were major organizers in getting the field done. She has brought a lot of credit to the city for her management of the department and the park.”
Albertson will not take full responsibility for the ball field, crediting her husband and volunteers with helping do the manual work. “It is an unbelievable honor, but I give all of the credit to my husband. He was out there for about a year with the help of volunteers. He would work all day, come home, and go to that ball field until late at night. I help do some of the fundraising, but as far as the manual and physical labor, it was all Kevin.” | 888-3657