Local rabies case reported

Jan. 03, 2013 @ 02:20 PM

Health officials issued a rabies warning this week after they confirmed Guilford County’s 28th case for 2012 in a raccoon found on Russell Avenue.
One dog came in contact with the raccoon on Monday. The 2012 total is the highest since 2006, when health officials reported 37 cases. Raccoons are the major rabies carrier in the area.  Health officials say the best way to fight rabies is to have pets vaccinated. 
State law requires vaccinations for all domestic pets, age 4 months or older, whether living inside or outside. Pets that do not have current rabies vaccinations and come in contact with a rabid animal must be euthanized or confined at the owner’s expense for at least six months at a veterinary facility.
To report stray animals, or animals acting strangely or exposures to sick animals, call 641-5990 in Greensboro or 883-3224 in High Point.  Animal control officers offer these tips:
• Do not touch, feed or try to rescue wild animals, even if they seem friendly. Do not try to keep wild animals as pets.
• Do not touch or pick up dead animals. The virus could still be present if the animal has only been dead for a short period of time.
• Keep garbage containers covered securely. 
• Avoid feeding your pets outside if possible.  Stay with your pet while it eats outdoors, so no one or nothing will disturb it. 
• Keep storage locations secure.
Anyone who is bitten by an animal should wash the area immediately with soap and water, seek immediate medical attention and report the bite to local animal control officers.

Call these agencies to find low-cost rabies vaccine clinics: Guilford County Animal Shelter, (336) 297-5020, the Humane Society, (336) 299-3060 or SPCA at (336) 375-3222.

Information: For more information or to schedule an educational program, call the Guilford County Department of Public Health at  641-7777.