Budget cuts threaten local schools

Dec. 31, 2012 @ 06:58 PM

The county schools could lose as much a $4 million in federal funding and scores of jobs if there is no agreement by today avoiding automatic budget cuts totaling millions of dollars.
The district total includes $2.2 million in Title I funds for needy students and $1.4 million for special education, according to a resolution the Board of Education approved in late December.
“This equates to a loss of about 56 positions and includes a  $750,000 cut in instructional materials and supplies, as well as funds for professional development, and other needed services,” according to the resolution addressed to Triad Congressional representatives.
The N.C. Association of Educators estimates that the state could lose more than $100 million in federal funding for education and more than 2,000 related jobs if the “fiscal cliff” issue is not resolved. If Congress and the President Obama don’t reach a deal, automatic spending cuts and tax increases will take effect today. 
“The loss of federal funding would constitute a tremendous setback at the same time we are asking teachers and students to meet the higher expectations embedded in the Common Core Standards,” according to the resolution.
Many educators complain that the state has moved too fast with the new curriculum and has not provided enough support.
Meanwhile, educators, who demonstrated in Greensboro last week, have asked the public to push for tax increases for the wealthy as a way to resolve the issues. Democrats and Republican disagree on what to do about the expiring Bush-era tax rates and entitlement programs.
“We implore you to come together as leaders and to protect our schools,” the resolution says. “We ask that you demonstrate that you value education as a national priority by taking action.”

Cuts: Unless an agreement is reached and approved by Congress by the start of New Year’s Day, more than $500 billion in 2013 tax increases will begin to take effect and $109 billion will be carved from defense and domestic programs