Many take postal changes in stride

Feb. 08, 2013 @ 05:18 PM

Changes announced this week to the U.S. Postal Service delivery schedule don’t seem to faze many local residents.
The postal service on Wednesday announced it would make some changes to its service beginning the first week of August. USPS will cease Saturday delivery of first class mail. Package delivery will continue to be Monday through Saturday.
The Postal Service expects to generate cost savings of about $2 billion annually, once the plan is fully implemented.
USPS officials hope the schedule change will help restore some financial stability to the organization. It ended its first quarter, usually its strongest quarter, with a $1.3 billion loss.
Mila Jakeson, 26, said the change won’t really affect her.
“I mostly get packages in the mail from things I’ve ordered online,” she said. “Since that isn’t changing, it won’t really bother me.”
Monica Robbs, local USPS spokesperson, said the change only will affect first-class mail delivered to houses.
“People that have PO boxes will still be able to get their first-class mail, as well as people who get a PO box between now and August,” she said.
Jason Neil, 53, said he understands why the postal service has to make the change.
“They are in serious debt, so if scaling back a day will save them money and allow them to pay back some of that money, then I get it,” Neil said.
Post offices that are open on Saturdays will continue to be open on Saturdays, such as the E. Green Drive location in High Point, the E. Main location in Jamestown and the N.C. 62 location in Trinity.
Jessica Reed, 43, said it will probably only affect her during the holidays.
“I send a lot of Christmas cards, and if they aren’t getting mail on Saturdays, I’m going to have to send them earlier to make sure they get the cards and gifts before Christmas,” Reed said.
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