City Officials meet to discuss ideas for the future

Feb. 04, 2013 @ 04:54 PM

City Council members met this weekend for a chance to look toward the city’s future, which may include a new police building and someone to assist the city in economic development.
The meeting was Saturday at Thomasville City Schools’ Honeycutt Administration building on Turner Street. The retreat was successful and beneficial to council members, according to City Manager Kelly Craver.
“It is a great time in which council members can have an exchange of ideas and set forth their priorities for the next year,” Craver said. “This was a planning retreat and opens the door on items that council wanted further research on or want to deal with in committees.
Topics for this year’s retreat included the replacement of the city’s police building, water and sewer rate offsets, the cost to increase the recycling program, a Thomasville economic development coordinator and Wi-Fi for the uptown area.
The retreat also covered topics including golf course maintenance, a method of payment for future infrastructure projects, guidelines for removal of construction materials and bulk trash, a citywide cleanup program, length of terms for volunteer committees and permanent audio and video service to Main and Salem Streets.
Councilman Ronald Bratton addressed the city’s need for a new police building.
“I worked there for 35 years and that is something that has long been left undone and the facilities there are not adequate. They were not adequate 10 to 15 years ago and they are not adequate now,” Bratton said. “Once the golf debt was retired, I felt that the next thing that we should undertake should be the police building. One of most serious problems is that the department does not have the adequate space for evidence. The sheer volume of the property that we have seized over the years is a problem to store. This is something that we are looking into in the coming years.”
The golf debt will be paid off in June.
Councilman Joel Pierce addressed the city’s need for a Thomasville economic development coordinator and water and sewer rate offsets.
“I don’t think that the Davidson County Economic Development has been very productive as of late. I think that having someone who works just for Thomasville, and not necessarily large businesses, but looking at small and mid-size businesses to come to Thomasville and helping those that are already here is something that we should look at,” Pierce said. “We discussed a lot of options for that and it does not necessarily have to be a person. There are businesses that work to do that. I don’t think that the focus has been on Thomasville lately.”
Pierce said that he also wants to look at sewer rate offsets.
“I think the most important thing that we talked about at the retreat was water and sewer offsets,” Pierce said. “I think we need to look for ways, and if they include tax reductions, that is something that we need to put on the table and look at for our citizens who are paying increased water and sewer bills. We need to really take a look at that and try to ease some of the burden that is on them now.” | 888-3657