Man charged in death of 4-year-old

Jan. 31, 2013 @ 06:04 PM

An arrest has been made in the accidental death of a 4-year old girl who died after being run over by a car in a driveway.
High Point police have arrested the girl’s stepfather, James Bovill III, 26, of 1019 Asheboro St., and charged him with involuntary manslaughter and insurance fraud in the death of Tryonna English. According to initial reports from Jan. 7, a parked car was knocked out of gear and rolled over English.
She was transported the High Point Regional Hospital and transferred to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center for treatment. She died the next day from her injuries.
New reports from the investigation show that the car had someone behind the wheel, police said on Thursday.
“We went back and did a complete reconstruction of the accident. We went back out there with the vehicle and did tests on how fast it would go and what would cause these injuries,” said Capt. Mike Kirk, special investigations commander. “They also did an Occupant Kinematic study to see what type of injuries would be consistent with what he said and the extent of those injuries. There was a detailed autopsy done on the child, and we talked to the medical examiner.”
Kirk said based on information found from the reconstruction, the accident could not have happened the way Bovill said and do the type of damage that was done.
“There were some problems with what he had said and how he had said it,” Kirk said. “From doing the reconstruction, the only way that the injuries could have occurred is if the vehicle was under power at the time the child was struck, and we feel like we can put Bovill behind the wheel.”
Kirk said police charged Bovill with insurance fraud because the owner of the vehicle, English’s mother, filed the insurance claim stating the original story of the car popping out of gear.
“She filed an insurance claim, and when they interviewed Bovill, he gave them the same story that he gave us, that the vehicle popped out of gear and rolled over the child,” Kirk said. “Under state law, you can not tell the insurance company something that didn’t really happen. We know that what he said did not happen.”
It’s a sad story, but it is the only scenario that fits with the extent of damage, according to Kirk.
“We still believe that it was an accident. We don’t believe for a moment that their was an intent to strike the child,” Kirk said. “This is difficult to deal with under any circumstances but even more so when it was an accident and someone one may have been involved. No matter how you do it, is a very sad event to have to cover.” | 888-3657