Meeting planned to call for mayor's resignation

Sep. 30, 2013 @ 09:52 PM

The High Point City Council will hold a special meeting later this week to call for the resignation of Mayor Bernita Sims, according to a legal notice released by the city late Monday.
Council members Judy Mendenhall and Becky Smothers called for the meeting, which is scheduled for 9 a.m. Thursday at City Hall, 211 S. Hamilton St.
They were among four council members who called for Sims to resign in letters to the editor to The High Point Enterprise Sept. 20. They were joined by council members Jim Davis and Jason Ewing.
“It’s just to bring this finally to a vote and finish the conversation in terms of the council,” Smothers said Monday evening.
A vote calling for the mayor’s resignation is likely to pass.
A fifth council member, Jay Wagner, has said he would support a motion calling on Sims to resign. That would give a possible motion the five votes needed to pass.
If a motion passes, however, it would not require Sims to resign, since there is no way the council can compel one of its members to step down.
The mayor faces several issues related to her personal financial affairs, including a state criminal investigation into her handling of a family member’s estate and scrutiny over unpaid state income taxes.
Her opponents on council have said her problems have undermined public confidence in city government. Some council members have also called for Councilman Foster Douglas to resign over several financial problems he faces.
Sims and Douglas have vowed not to resign.
Ewing said “the hope is to get the vote over with” so that the council can move on and address the major priorities it set at the beginning of its term 10 months ago.