New signal installed at Parkway and N. Main

Jun. 27, 2014 @ 06:14 PM

Motorists coming out of the new roundabout just north of High Point Regional should have less trouble turning left onto one of the city’s busiest streets.

Crews for the High Point Department of Transportation this week completed the installation of a new set of traffic lights at N. Main Street and Parkway Avenue. One upgrade with the new signals, which are on tall, sleek black poles, is that a dedicated left-turn arrow light was set up for Parkway motorists to get onto N. Main across from the Krispy Kreme doughnut shop. 
City Transportation Director Mark McDonald said the dedicated left-turn arrow light will help lessen traffic congestion at peak periods emerging from the nearby roundabout onto Parkway.
“Before, anyone coming from that direction going northbound on Main would have to yield to oncoming traffic,” McDonald told The High Point Enterprise. “We wanted to make sure that we keep that little short segment of Parkway between the Main Street intersection and the roundabout as free as we can keep it.”
The left-turn arrow light turns green when traffic can freely flow northbound onto Main from Parkway. Otherwise, the light is red or flashes yellow when motorists still have to yield to oncoming traffic.
“We’ve got so much traffic at certain times that comes out of the Elm Street and Lindsay Street area, coming from the hospital, that we wanted to keep the traffic flowing freely as much as we possibly can,” he said.
The new left-turn arrow light also will help lessen congestion when visitors are leaving the High Point Market district at busy periods during the spring and fall trade shows. | 888-3528