Students take a stand

May. 18, 2013 @ 02:34 PM

Near the end of each school year, fifth graders in Northwood Elementary’s International Baccalaureate program present their final exhibition.
Candace Scott’s class, along with the rest of the school’s fifth graders, recently presented parents and family with topics that affect society at home and around the world. The exhibition theme this year is “Taking a Stand Against Injustices Near and Far.”
“It explores human rights and responsibilities that empower students to take a stand against and challenge injustice both locally and globally,” Scott said.
In Scott’s class, students researched topics like air quality, women’s education in Africa, sweatshops and disabilities.
Students researched the topics, developed a creative way to display them and developed an action.
“It was all student-generated,” Scott said. “We brainstormed injustices, and they chose which one they wanted to research.”
The students created a puppet show and a sweatshop awareness song that samples the pop hit “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore. They also created a website.
The exhibition is a culminating project for fifth-grade students who attend an International Bachelorette school. Northwood implements the Primary Years Program, and students soon will transition to Ferndale IB Middle School and be a part of the Middle Years Program.
The two programs prepare students for the IB diploma program that can be taken at High Point Central High School. Guilford County Schools has had the program since 1996 at four high schools in the county. The idea of an international baccalaureate grew out of the practical need to prepare students enrolled in international schools for a variety of national examinations required to pursue university study. | 888-3617