Where are the jobs?

Prospects look bright for technology-minded high school grads
Apr. 27, 2013 @ 06:52 PM

In a just a little over a month, many high school seniors will become rising freshmen.
The seniors at Penn-Griffin School for the Arts have their college plans in order and are looking to the future.
Amber Jones will attend University of North Carolina at Charlotte as a special education major. As a John R. Kernodle Scholar, after college she will return to Guilford County to teach.
“As part of my service learning, I was a volunteer at McIver (Education Center),” she said. “Working with the kids made me love it.”
Although the real estate market is still recovering, Jalen Fair, who will attend East Carolina University and major in finance, said that is ultimately were he wants to end up.
My mother does work in mortgage, and I watch Suze Orman,” Fair said. “I’m not sure exactly what I want to be, but I want to be in real estate in some way.”
According to U.S. News and World Report, the best majors are the ones that have growing job markets which include biomedical engineering, game design, environmental studies, information management, homeland security, cyber security, nanotechnology, new media and digital communications.
Finance magazine Kiplinger named 10 of the worst majors because of low pay and high unemployment of recent graduates and those well into their careers. They include English, sociology, drama and theater arts, liberal arts, studio arts, graphic design, philosophy or religious studies, film and photography, fine arts and anthropology.
Sarah King will be entering Wake Forest University undecided, but is leaning toward communications and media studies.
“The major focuses on film, mostly documentaries,” King said. “The process of filming and editing these little clips and putting it all together into something that people enjoy, I think that’s cool.”
Although these students spent their high school years studying the arts, none of them are majoring in it.
“I don’t want singing to be something I have to do to make money,” Fair said.
Astrid La Cruz said she learned so many other skills through painting, she will attend ECU majoring in psychology.
“Through studying art, you find what else you are good at,” she said. “It taught me the importance of teamwork and listening. I’ll always paint, but I don’t want it to be something I have to do.”
Tanner Holden, who will join Jones at UNCC, will study exercise science.
“I’ve always been interested in being healthy and recovery and how the body works,” he said. “My dad has a degree in music that he’s not using, but I never plan to stop playing.”
Penn-Griffin will graduate its class of 29 seniors on June 5 at 7 p.m. at the school.