Teacher remains in critical condition

Victim was denied protection order weeks before shooting
Sep. 03, 2013 @ 05:34 PM

A High Point teacher that was shot at her home last week was denied an order of protection against her alleged attacker just weeks before, according to court documents.
Court documents showed that Laurrissa Armstrong, 62, filed for a Domestic Violence Order of Protection on July 26 stating that she was “in fear of continued harassment that rises to such as level as to inflict substantial emotional distress” from her estranged husband, Bruce Ray.
The order of protection was denied Aug. 7 because she “failed to prove grounds.” The order was signed by District Court Judge Linda L. Falls.
Armstrong, 62, was found with multiple gunshot wounds around 7:50 a.m. in the parking lot of the Steeplechase at Adams Farm apartments at 1404 Adams Farm Parkway on Thursday.
She remained in Moses Cone Hospital on Tuesday, where she remained in critical condition, according to Greensboro police.
Armstrong works at Welborn Middle Academy of Science and Technology, where she taught careers and technical education to sixth, seventh and eighth graders.
Shortly after the shooting, her husband, Bruce Ray Armstrong, 61, was found unresponsive in a rented silver Nissan in the parking lot of a Lowes at 1703 South Forty Drive. He was pronounced dead at Moses Cone Hospital. Police are waiting for the medical examiner’s report to determine cause of death.
Court documents filed by Mrs. Armstrong state she moved on June 30 to begin the divorce proceedings.
Armstrong went on to say that she did not tell her husband where she moved, but he somehow found out. She goes on to say that she “had difficulty convincing him to leave. I was afraid to let him in, so I talked to him through the door.”
Her complaint also reads that on July 7, he “hit and jacked her up. On July 21, sometime during the night, my tires, all 4 were slashed and the screen of my patio was cut.”
The complaint continues with Mrs. Armstrong listing that on July 25, she went to work and parked her car before spotting her estranged husband.
“I sat there about to get out and I noticed Bruce slowly driving through the parking lot. When he spotted me he parked a few spots away,” Armstrong wrote. “I started my car and left. I drove around trying to figure out what to do. I went back to work. He was gone. I have also received numerous texts and emails. His behavior is escalating.”
Armstrong also stated in her complaint that her husband had a rifle and that the last time she saw it, it was hidden under the mattress to his bed.
In the order, Armstrong asked that her husband be ordered to stay away from her home, work, and any other events and places that he may find she may visit.
She also asked the court to prohibit him from having a firearm.
The complaint was sworn on July 29.
Bruce Armstrong responded to the complaint, which he was served at his last known address of 1011 Borders Terrace, saying that he had not intentionally harassed his wife and didn’t intend to do so.
In his typed statement, he explains that his July 7 visit to her apartment was to talk with her “thinking all was not lost yet with our relationship.”
The response goes on to say that his next visit to the home was on July 24, after one of the couple’s sons and a male friend of  Mrs. Armstrong’s got into a fight.
He went on to say that he did try to meet with Mrs. Armstrong on July 25 at a teacher’s summer conference in the early morning.
“I was driving around trying to catch up with her before the conference started,” he wrote. “My intent of wanting to talk with her was based on the fact, our sons were upset with relationship with a new male friend. My only objective in trying to make contact with the plaintiff at the teacher’s conference was to head off trouble between our sons and the new male friend.”
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