Davis to face challenge in Ward 5

Jul. 10, 2014 @ 07:53 PM

First-term City Councilman Jim Davis will face a challenge in his bid for re-election in November.
Roger Sims, an agent with New York Life Insurance, announced Thursday that he plans to file today to run for the Ward 5 council seat.
Davis said he plans to file for re-election next week.
Some had speculated that David Rosen, a Ward 5 resident who helped organize the grass-roots group We Heart High Point in the wake of the council’s controversial change to the city’s revitalization strategy, would run for council.
Rosen said he doesn’t plan to run this year.
“Roger and I are friends,” Rosen said. “I gave very serious consideration to running, but I feel I can be just as effective with We Heart High Point lobbying for revitalization issues.”
He said the group does not plan to run a slate of candidates against Davis and other council members who voted in May to reorganize efforts to revitalize the city’s core.
“The momentum (We Heart High Point) has and what they do have going on certainly gave me the thought process that maybe I should throw my hat in the ring,” said Sims, who has served on the boards of several local organizations, including the High Point Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club of High Point.
“The City Project issue, it’s hard for me to say I agree with it or oppose it, because I don’t know all the facts,” he said. “I am interested in finding out, what do we do if the (furniture) market decides it’s not going to continue in High Point. We do need to figure out, what is our identifier if that event does ever happen? Hopefully, it won’t, but you don’t want to hang your hat on a hope.”
Davis said he looks forward to running on his record as a council member.
“I’ll just continue working as a fiscal conservative. We passed a tax decrease this year and the goal is to reduce that even more the next two years,” he said. “I want to follow up on some of the other projects we’ve started, which include making our permitting process more business-friendly.”