School board may vote on IHM building

Mar. 26, 2014 @ 06:23 PM

The Guilford County Board of Education could vote today on purchasing the former Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School for The Academy at Central.
At its March 11 board meeting, board members had several questions for staff and IHM representatives. Staff was asked to find out the number, age and working condition of sump pumps for each building; if there is an underground stream present and/or depth of the water table; and classroom size comparison between proposed IHM space and existing Tomlinson building where The Academy at Central is housed.
According to information from IHM, there are five sump pumps which are operational, although a plumber contracted by IHM said that one should be replaced and the other four are less than five years old. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte, owners of IHM, paid to have the suggested sump pump replaced.
Matt Thiel, a member of the building committee for IHM, said the concern about an underground stream is unfounded.
“IHM contacted our environmental contractor to get the most up to date information and fortunately due to their work removing and replacing the soil on campus, they’ve got specific and recent info,” Thiel said.
According to the report from S&ME, groundwater in the courtyard was measured at 16.04 feet below the land surface in November 2013.
Groundwater at the Barbee site basin was measured as 11.89 feet below land in November 2013.
S&ME did not find and is unaware of any underground stream.
Board members Linda Welborn and Sandra Alexander showed some concern about classroom size and asked what The Academy would be gaining in the move.
According to GCS staff, the former IHM building will have an equal number of classrooms as The Academy at Central’s current space at the Tomlinson building. With the exception of the science and health science labs and classrooms, each classroom will have more square footage. The IHM building overall has 40 more square feet than the Tomlinson building.
Some areas of the building will have to be renovated to meet Americans with Disability Act standards, including hallways in the basement and adding an elevator.
Parents of students at High Point Central High and The Academy at Central have both shown support for the proposal to move the school to the former IHM building.
Guilford County Board of Education will meet Thursday at 6 p.m. at 712 N. Eugene St. in Greensboro. | 888-3617