Family asks for privacy in daughter’s death

Feb. 27, 2014 @ 05:38 PM

The family of a 3-year-old girl who was killed in a dog attack this week publicly thanked the community and friends for offering support.
At a press conference called by the family Thursday morning, David McGee, senior pastor at The Bridge in Kernersville, asked that the family be given some privacy so that they can go through “an extraordinary grieving process.” The family are members of the church.
“The family wants to tell people thank you for praying for them and the support from friends, family and church during this difficult time,” he said. “Here is a 3-year-old just filled with life one moment and the next minute, she is gone. Look around your house and be sure to tell your loved ones you love them. We are praying for the family. I encourage everyone watching and listening to be praying for this family. ”
Braelynn was killed Monday evening after being attacked by a family pet, a pit bull terrier, according to police. The dog attacked the child at the home on Big Creek Court at 5:02 p.m. Monday evening.
McGee said he could not answer any questions about specifics concerning the incident because the investigation is ongoing.
“There are certain questions that we are not supposed to be asking. There are questions that the police are supposed to be asking,” McGee said. “We will let them do their jobs. I have full confidence that authorities will work through all the details fairly and with justice.”
McGee said the attack is an example of how easily accidents can happen with young children.
“Usually it is coloring on the wall or a tumble down the steps,” he said. “This had tragic consequences. The day before, the little girl was cuddling with the dog. They have been using their family to deal with this. It is the promise that they will get to see Brae again. This isn’t goodbye, it is a see you later. If they didn’t have their faith, it would be even harder to process this. They loved the animal, and the animal loved them. We will never know what all happened. I can’t think of a heavier price to pay.”
Neighbors have said the dog had shown hostility in the past, attacking a neighbor’s dog in October.
The dog is being held at the Guilford County Animal Shelter in quarantine and is listed as aggressive. The dog will remain there until rabies tests come back, then it will be put down.
Meanwhile, neighbors and family friends are raising money to help the mother, Randi Coulter, pay for the burial of Braelynn and to help with other expenses that are needed. Police said Coulter sustained bites while trying to get the dog off of the toddler. The Go Fund Me page can be found at, or donations can be dropped off at the Truliant Federal Credit Union.
The goal was to raise $7,500 and so far, $7,695 had been raised as of Thursday afternoon.
Services for Braelynn will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday at The Bridge in Kernersville. Visitation will be 7-9 p.m. Friday at the church. | 888-3657