City: Final repairs under way at Blair Park

Mar. 25, 2013 @ 05:45 PM

City officials have started final repairs on the Blair Park Golf Course clubhouse, and said they expect to have at least part of the facility re-opened in a few weeks.
They obtained building permits last week that will enable contractors to make fixes to the ceiling, heating and air system and other parts of the clubhouse that were damaged in a Jan. 14 fire. Crews are also painting, installing new carpeting and performing other work.
The goal is to have the pro shop side of the clubhouse repaired first and have it ready to open within about three weeks, said High Point Parks & Recreation Director Allen Oliver.
The grillroom side of the building will open subsequently, after a new counter is installed and other repairs are made. The accidental fire apparently originated in the wiring of a cooler that was built into a countertop in the grillroom.
The city ordered a new counter, which had to be approved by the Guilford County Health Department, accounting for some of the delays in getting the building ready to open again.
The fire was contained to the restaurant area, but there was smoke damage throughout the building, which has been closed since. Some local golf enthusiasts have raised questions about why repairs are taking so long. City officials last week met with leadership from the High Point Golf Association and the High Point Senior Golf Association to provide updates and address concerns.
City officials said that repairs have started and stopped multiple times because damage to the facility was more serious than originally anticipated.
“The January fire has been an inconvenience for everyone involved. We have been careful to follow local, county and state building and safety regulations so that we get this right,” Oliver said of the repairs.
Blair Park has remained open to the public and a trailer has been serving as a temporary clubhouse.
Oliver said patronage of the course has been consistent and that, although one event had to be cancelled, most scheduled events are still in place. Spring golf tournaments at Blair Park, including the first round of the annual Bud Kivett Memorial Championship in late April, are not expected to be impacted.
“March revenues for Blair Park have been on par with Oak Hollow Golf Course. Nobody is more anxious than we are to get the clubhouse back up and running for our residents, though,” said Oliver.