Welcome to your new congressional district

Dec. 30, 2012 @ 04:08 AM

Starting Thursday, tens of thousands of constituents for congressional representatives in the Piedmont will find themselves having to contact someone new if they have a request, complaint or suggestion.
The political map beneath their feet has shifted, as redrawn House of Representatives lines put in place through redistricting formally take effect with the new session of Congress. Davidson, Randolph and Guilford counties, which during the previous two decades primarily fell in two congressional districts, are now sliced and diced into five districts.
The congressional lines were approved by the Republican-controlled N.C. General Assembly in 2011. But the districts didn’t take effect until voters went to the polls Nov. 6 and chose representatives who officially take their seats Thursday on Capitol Hill for the 113th session of Congress.
The primary parts of the city of High Point still remain in two districts – the 6th, served by Republican Rep. Howard Coble, and the 12th, served by Democratic Rep. Mel Watt. But residents of Davidson and Randolph counties have been shifted by the new congressional map into districts that never before crossed into their neighborhoods.
Randolph County, which had been completely in the 6th District, now is split between the 2nd and 8th districts. The 2nd District, served by re-elected Republican Rep. Renee Ellmers, covers all but the southwestern corner of the county. The southwestern section is in the 8th District, which will be represented by freshman Republican Rep. Richard Hudson.
At least residents in the 2nd District of Randolph County won’t have to travel to a new location for their congressional office. Coble handed over the location, which had served him 20 years, to Ellmers’ office. So the Ellmers district office will occupy 222 Sunset Ave., suite 101, in Asheboro. Ellmers even is retaining Coble’s longtime Randolph County district staff member, Rebecca Briles.  
Davidson County, which was split between the 6th and 12th districts, now is sliced by three districts. The 5th District, served by veteran Republican Rep. Virginia Foxx, covers the northwestern part of the county. The 12th District cuts through the center of Davidson County, while the 8th District now covers southern and eastern parts. A spokeswoman for Hudson said the new congressman still is deciding on locations for any satellite offices in the 8th District.
Coble will continue to maintain his 6th District offices in High Point and Greensboro, while Watt intends to keep his Greensboro 12th District office.

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