Montlieu principal - way to go!

Sep. 20, 2013 @ 12:52 PM

Ged O’Donnell won the Guilford County School district’s highest honor as Principal of the Year on Thursday night.
Guilford County Schools threw the district schools, teachers and principals a party to celebrate the successes of the district.
“I’m the captain of an incredible school,” O’Donnell said. “I accept this award on behalf of all the educators, custodians, cafeteria workers, students and everyone that we have at Montlieu that make us successful.”
O’Donnell is in his third year as principal at Montlieu Elementary Academy of Technology.
“We’re (Andrews High School and Montlieu) working together, and we’re changing the community for the better.”
Ashley Clark, a sixth grade social studies and language arts teacher from Johnson Street Global Studies, was nominated for Teacher of the Year and won the award for Middle School Teacher of the Year. Eugene Grant, a math teacher from Southeast High School, won Teacher of the Year for the district.

O’Donnell and Rodney Wilds, principal of Andrews High School, were joined by Sheila Gorham, who was principal of Wiley Elementary and now serves Allen Middle; Pete Kashubara of Western High; and W. Marshall Matson at Mendenhall Middle.
Montlieu is a feeder school for Andrews and the schools are about a mile apart. Wilds and O’Donnell work with a lot of the same families.
“I’m proud of High Point principals and Ged (O’Donnell) at Montlieu,” Wilds said. “I’m thrilled and no matter what, it’s a win-win.” | 888-3617