Retailers stay busy after Christmas

Dec. 26, 2013 @ 05:13 PM

Christmas is over, but the shopping isn’t.
Parking is a scarce. Checkout lines are long and clogged with gift card users (which take just a little more time to process), and returns are racking up.
Shoppers were out in droves Thursday to shop the after-Christmas sales, spend Christmas cash or return the gift the mother-in-law didn’t get quite right.
Meghan Casedela, 47, said she was at Hobby Lobby for the clearance Christmas decor.
“When I was decorating this year, I noticed there were things missing and things that needed to be replaced. My wreath looked pretty bad,” she said. “So I waited until after Christmas when they have these big discounts to replace some of my worn-out stuff.”
At Target, several young people were making purchases on their own. Aaron Singer, 9, purchased his own Skylander toys with his Christmas money.
“I got lots of stuff for Christmas but I wanted these, so I used my money that my grandparents sent me to buy them myself,” he said.
Gerren Grayer, Target store team leader, said at midday Thursday returns were just starting, but bargain hunters were at the store all day.
“Christmas clearance shoppers were lined up outside before we opened,” Grayer said. “We’ve got up to 50 percent off toys, so we have a lot of people here for that, too. Overall, we’re very busy.”
Grayer said clothing, electronics and small appliances are the most returned items.
T.J. Maxx and Home Goods shoppers also were out for the Christmas decor.
Terrance Harmen, 26, said she was getting ready for next year’s Christmas season.
“I recently moved, and I just didn’t have time or money to buy decorations this year, so I figured I could get stuff to decorate with next year while it’s on sale,” she said.
Rob Grey, 32, was at T.J. Maxx to get clothes.
“I buy a lot of stuff here throughout the year, so now that I’ve got some extra money, I just wanted to get some new clothes,” he said. | 888-3617