Woman wins car giveaway

Dec. 10, 2013 @ 09:13 PM

The number eight was Beverly Gaulden’s lucky number when she was child, and that number paid off Tuesday.
In a big way.
“When I was little, that was my favorite number. So when I drew it out of the stocking, inside I was going, ‘Yes!’ Than I thought I might need to wait because their were seven people in front of me,” Gaulden said. “So now it is my lucky number.”
Gaulden, who works at Old Dominion Freight Line,  won a new car from the United Way of Greater High Point’s Vann York Auto Group Car Giveaway. Ten finalists lined up in the Vann York General Motors store to see if they would be the lucky winners.
More than 4,000 “fair share” donors to United Way’s campaign were entered in the drawing. Ten finalists were selected on Dec. 6 and everyone was present Tuesday night to try their hand at a new car.
Gaulden said an extra car would be put to good use since her daughter, Haley Essick, will be 16 in February.
“I’m very excited. This means an extra car for us in some manner or fashion,” Gaulden said. “She is not getting a new car, but she might get the old one.”
Gaulden said she contributes to the United Way because growing up she was extremely poor.
“We took advantage of a lot of the United Way agencies, so it is important to me, now that I am in good financial shape, to give back,” Gaulden said. “Not just in money, but we donate our time, too. It is not going to kill me to give $20 a week, and it is my obligation.”
She doesn’t know which car she will choose yet and plans to research all of her options which are a Honda Fit, Nissan Versa, Chevy Cruze or a Toyota Scion.
“I will go home and discuss it with my husband and he will research this for the next 48 hours,” Gaulden said. “He will get back with me and let me know which one I want.”
She has a few weeks to make her decision.
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