Local businesses help fans get their wings for the big game

Jan. 31, 2014 @ 05:59 PM

It’s not just the Broncos and Seahawks who are gearing up for Sunday’s big game.

Chicken-wing lovers are getting ready, too.
While chips and dip and pizza rank high as Super Bowl favorites, America’s love affair with chicken wings has businesses like East Coast Wings, Big Ed’s Chicken Pit and Buffalo Wild Wings frantically taking pre-orders for Sunday revelers.
Jacob James, manager of Buffalo Wild Wings in High Point, said the weather didn’t slow down shipments of chicken wings this week.
“We’re starting to get a lot of orders now,” he said on Thursday. “We’ll get a lot more in the (coming) days.”
Buffalo Wild Wings has extra-large orders of 40 wings, jumbo orders of 80 wings and feast orders of 120 wings.
Clay Jones, owner of Big Ed’s Chicken Pit, said on Thursday he already had several pre-orders.
“We usually start about a month ahead,” he said. “On average, we sell about 25-30 cases of wings, and each case is about 40 pounds. Our record was around 40 cases the year the Panthers were in the Super Bowl.”
Jones said Big Ed’s will be open Sunday from 10 a.m. until game time at 6 p.m. He said the restaurant does not precook its wings, and they can be ordered in any number.
Brandon Hiatt, owner and manager of East Coast Wings on S. Main Street, said business has been brisk this week.
“Most people order by the 50s,” he said. “We’ve had 6,000 wings pre-ordered and expect more on Sunday.”
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Most popular Super Bowl foods

1. Salty snacks
2. Dips
3. Pizza
4. Chicken wings
5. Appetizers/finger foods
6. Cheese and crackers
7. Nachos
8. Nuts
9. Vegetables
10. Sweets

Source: Nielsen