Cedrow sidewalk project nears completion

Aug. 15, 2014 @ 07:32 PM

A project aimed at improving pedestrian safety in one area of east High Point is nearing completion.
Contractors have installed sidewalks on portions of Cedrow Drive between Interstate 74 and Runyon Drive — an area where foot traffic is heavy at times and pedestrians have faced hazards because of the lack of a walking path and the roadway’s limited shoulder.
In May 2013, four children walking along the side of the road were injured in a hit-and-run crash, which helped move the project up the city’s sidewalk priorities list.
The sidewalk is being built along the north side of Cedrow Drive, which is the side of the road closest to nearby neighborhoods, according to Scott Dingus, a civil engineer with the city of High Point.
The $845,000 allocated for the project is not enough to add sidewalks to both sides of the road, he said.
To date, sidewalks have been built from the I-74 bridge to near N. Pendleton Street and near Cedrow Park.
Crews will add two crosswalks across Cedrow Drive from the new sidewalk to the park, which is a prominent destination for pedestrians in the area, especially children.
The final phase of sidewalk, which will be built near Runyon Drive, is expected to be complete within the next two to three weeks, Dingus said.
Crews also are adding curb and gutter along the street and making various storm drainage improvements.
Funds for the project are coming from about $6.1 million in two-thirds bonds issued earlier this year.
Other planned uses for the bond money include completion of the city’s greenway, stabilization of the railroad bank along Washington Street and a new training tower for the High Point Fire Department.