The Bible ... there’s an app for that

Jun. 29, 2013 @ 02:26 PM

Noticing fellow members of your congregation on their smartphone or tablet in church?

They’re probably not goofing off.
Many of today’s churches have infused technology into their Sunday worship to help make the daily operations smoother.
Josh Tysinger, minister of education at Oak View Baptist Church, said the church occasionally uses the projectors for songs, announcements and videos.
“We came to a collective decision as a church to not put the Scripture up on the screen,” he said. “We put a focus on personal Bible study and want to promote a deeper understanding and study of the Bible. We feel that by providing the text, it may hinder them from their personal study.”
Applications such as YouVersion and the OliveTree allow churchgoers to access the Bible, daily scriptures and reading plans on their phones and tablets. The YouVersion app is free and allows users with a mobile lifestyle to read the Bible, including sharing verses on their social networks and bookmarking their favorite passages. The OliveTree app is a free Bible software that can be download to allow access to multiple Bibles and other resources that encourage the study of the Bible, including a Bible search engine.
Tysinger said in the last year, the church has seen an increase in parishioners bringing tablets and iPads instead of the traditional Bible.
“We have noticed that less people were bringing their traditional Bibles,” he said. “They are seen taking notes in their tablets about the message and highlighting certain scriptures that they feel are important or want to come back to. The majority of the people are still bringing their Bibles, but there has been an increase.”
Tysinger said as long as the technology does not create a distraction, he does not see it as a problem.
“We do not have a problem with its use as long as it is used for church and does not create a problem for other parishioners,” he said. | 888-3657