No Hartley Drive For Davidson

Jul. 01, 2013 @ 05:12 AM

What’s in a name?
Perhaps confusion for motorists traveling along W. Hartley Drive.
For longtime Westover Drive resident Dan Kelly, a retired High Point police officer, changing the name of the western section of Westover Drive to W. Hartley Drive makes no sense, even if the two roads are now joined.
The Davidson County Board of Commissioners agreed Tuesday and refused unanimously to rename the western portion of Westover in Davidson County as W. Hartley Drive. The City of High Point, which sought the change following upgrades to W. Hartley Drive, must accept the decision.
“High Point should not force this upon us,” Kelly said during a public hearing. “It should stay Westover.”
Several of the estimated 16 to 20 residents who live on the western Westover Drive section said they did not want the name changed because residents would have to change addresses on their drivers licenses, checks and other business and personal papers.
“So many older people can’t make these address changes,” said resident Clark Muse.
The $6 million W. Hartley Drive project was designed to divert some traffic moving to High Point off Westover Drive to W. Hartley Drive. The upgraded “T” junction is in Davidson County and not within High Point City limits. Westover Drive continues from there to Horneytown Road. The city purchased land to make the W. Hartley Drive connection to Westover Drive.
“We hope good signs will make it all clear,” said Guy Cornman, Davidson County planning director. “It would have made it more free flowing to have the same name all the way through to Horneytown Road, but we can make it work. I do see the concerns of the people who live there.”
Kelly and several residents also questioned whether the new intersection is safe.  The four-lane W. Hartley Drive feeds into the two-lane Westover Drive at the intersection where a concrete island prevents a left turn to Westover for drivers coming from the direction of Horneytown Road.  Those drivers must continue onto W. Hartley Drive and then take the next available left turn at Ingleside Drive, several residents said.
EMS and other emergency vehicles must make the same turn unless they drive over the barrier.
“That may be a delay for ambulances, not being able to turn left,” Cornman said, “because they will have to wind their way through. You might be able to put in a cut to make the crossover.”
County officials will monitor the intersection and will discuss any needed changes with High Point officials, Cornman said, while they await the results of a Piedmont Triad Regional Council study of EMS response times and where first responders have to backtrack between High Point and Davidson County.   

Road Names
Construction: The widening of Interstate 85 at the Yadkin River bridge altered the traffic pattern for Old Salisbury Road by cutting off access at the N.C. 150 intersection so that residents on the west side of N.C. 150 can no longer cross over the highway to continue traveling on Old Salisbury.  The isolated western portion has been renamed W. Old Salisbury Road.