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Jun. 27, 2013 @ 09:41 AM

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If you saw them, you might have thought they drank too much coffee: three men in their 20s jumping and screaming and running around in a public parking lot, unable to contain their excitement.
You’d be right, almost. It was because of coffee.
Brothers Marcus and Zach Cox, both of High Point, and their friend Sawyer Frye, of Winston-Salem, received a phone call from Folgers Tuesday morning. They were told they won the company’s national jingle contest, along with $25,000 and a chance to have their song air during a television commercial.
“When Sawyer hung up the phone, we all just freaked out,” Marcus said. “We couldn’t believe it.”
Folgers then released a video to announce the winner, featuring multi-platinum recording artist Gavin Degraw.
“Sawyer’s optimism shines through,” Degraw said in the video. “Watching these three guys puts a smile on my face.”
The winning video features Sawyer on the guitar, Zach on the dulcimer and Marcus on an African drum called the djembe. Sawyer sings lead, and the song ends with the three harmonizing the company’s jingle, “The Best Part of Waking Up is Folgers in Your Cup.”
Not surprisingly, their original, now award-winning song is about waking up.
“I tried to think about waking up in the morning,” Sawyer said of the writing process. “Waking up and having ambitions in life.”
Sawyer said another inspiration was the dulcimer, a stringed instrument originating in the Appalachian Mountains, as well as the taste of coffee.
“Sawyer and I already drank a lot of coffee as it was,” Marcus said. They will drink even more coffee now, if that’s possible, Sawyer said.
The boys will reward themselves with a trip to the Outer Banks, but most of the money is going towards future musical projects, they said. A few months ago, Sawyer and Marcus started a band called Arm the Pioneer. Zach, who owns Grassmasters Landscaping in High Point, said the win may inspire him to start a band as well.
“It’s given me more confidence, more excitement for my music,” he said.
Sawyer said the best part of the process was all the support he received from friends and family. Though creativity, originality and musical performance were included in the judges’ decision, they also considered the number of votes each entry received on the company’s website.
“I’ve gotten so much love and support,” Sawyer said. “It’s overwhelming how many people were voting.”
Marcus said the company will call them sometime in the next few weeks about whether their song will become a commercial.
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By the numbers

• $25,000 prize
• 35 days of voting
• 10 finalists
• 3 local musicians recorded winning song out of hundreds of entries