Police look into possible hazing at church

Mar. 17, 2014 @ 07:30 PM

Police are investigating a report of possible hazing of young people during a gathering at a local church in which the youths reportedly drank from gallon-size containers of milk until they vomited.

The alleged incident took place this past fall during what’s known as an overnight lock-in at Hayworth Wesleyan Church in west High Point. But High Point Police Department Capt. Mike Kirk said police only became aware of the incident in the past week when an anonymous letter was sent to Chief Marty Sumner.
A copy of an unsigned letter was also mailed to The High Point Enterprise.
The letter sent to the Enterprise says that members of a youth group “were asked to buy and bring a gallon of milk to an overnight lock-in, then were told to drink the milk until they threw up.” The lock-in was supervised by pastoral staff of the church, the letter says.
“We have talked to some people and we are looking at it right now,” Kirk said Monday. “I can’t say 100 percent one way, but I think it sounds like a game that went awry. Once we find out just a little bit more about it, we will come to some kind of conclusion about what we are going to do or not do.”
The Enterprise wasn’t able to reach anyone from the church for comment Monday.
The letter makes reference to the milk-drinking incident being captured on video, though Kirk couldn’t confirm that Monday.
The letter doesn’t discuss a motive for the milk-drinking incident. But online sites such as Youtube are littered with videos of teenagers or adults taking what’s called the ultimate milk challenge, which involves trying to drink a gallon of milk as quickly as possible. In many of the online videos, adults or teenagers are shown throwing up milk as they try the challenge.

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