North State to offer gigabit Internet service

Mar. 18, 2014 @ 06:00 AM

North State will offer super-fast Internet service to area homes and businesses by the end of the year.
The High Point-based communications and entertainment services company has invested about $50 million in its fiber network in recent years in preparation for offering gigabit Internet, said President and CEO Royster Tucker III.
The service will be offered in the High Point area and in portions of Greensboro.
“The Internet is such an exciting place for the consumer, and it’s a business tool. Faster speeds bring a better experience. It brings a lot of opportunities, a lot of possibilities,” said Tucker. “To the best of our knowledge, there’s no other provider providing gigabit speed in the Triad. It’s considerably faster than what cable has to offer and what our current top-tier offering is. It’s quite an experience. When you’re ready to stream your favorite programs, it’s very striking for the user.”
The company plans to expand the service into other parts of Greensboro and the Triad, depending on how it’s received, he added.
Gigabit Internet has been available to large businesses for years in some parts of the country, but North State sees its offering as the mass-market version for homes and small businesses, Tucker said.
“For the consumer, a few years ago, you might have been downloading a couple songs and that was the extent of your digital life. But now, it’s become much bigger — we’re getting our entertainment there, we’re going to school there, and gigabit just takes that all to a new level,” he said. “It kind of makes the home a happier place, because you’ve got this great-performing Internet that’s become such an important part of your life.”
The service should also enhance business productivity, he said.
“Small businesses, their accounting is done online and they’re interfacing with their vendors and they’re doing their banking, so it kind of ushers in a whole new level of Internet experience for homes and small businesses,” Tucker said.
North State has been concentrating heavily on its broadband Internet services, and gigabit is the latest example of this.
“We’re committed to fiber. We think that’s the platform of the future,” said Tucker. “It’s a big thing for the High Point area and the Triad region.”