Budget may have few surprises

May. 13, 2013 @ 09:52 PM

There should be few surprises in the 2014 city budget.

In what was probably their last detailed look before a public hearing next month, city council members reviewed figures Monday that keep the property tax rate at 56 cents per $100 valuation and the supplemental school tax rate at 18 cents to raise about $1.3 million for the schools. 
“This makes good economic sense,” said council member Scott Styers. “We have not had to go up on the rates.” 
With little change in revenues, the new budget should stay in line with the current budget of $33.7 million budget.
The new budget would preserve a capital reserve fund for infrastructure projects and an incentive program to help customers connect to sewer lines. A study last year identified about $14.5 million in infrastructure capital needs over the next five years and a proposed schedule to raise water and sewer rates to help offset the cost of the infrastructure projects.
Final budget details could be available as soon as next week.
Council also took time to discuss some upgrades.  If the numbers work out, council members could get computer tablets and wi-fi service for their meting room in the next few months.
Council member Neal Grimes suggested that council should follow the lead of Lexington City Council and other governing bodies and use tablets.
“We are spending money we don’t need to because we don’t have these devices,” Grimes said.
“We should look at getting used ones if possible,” Styers said.
The new budget also may pay $23,950 for four bus stop shelters for customers of the free Thomasville fixed bus service operated by Davidson County. Davidson County and Thomasville leaders have discussed using a government grant and matching funds to build as many as 10 shelters.
“We need to do something in the next few months,” said Council member Ronald Bratton.
Transportation officials launched an expanded Thomasville fixed bus route March 4, adding more than 20 new stops throughout the city. The Thomasville fixed route serves about 160 people per day.

Thomasville City Budget

A public hearing has been tentatively scheduled for June 3.