Fires of coincidence or string of arsons?

Mar. 31, 2014 @ 08:35 AM

Firefighters in Randolph County battled five building fires within 12 miles of each other this morning.

The fires were on Branson Davis Road at Will Coltrane Road, Flint Hill Road at Beeson Farm Road, Mack Lineberry Road at Millboro Road, Cedar Falls Road at Wicker Lovell Road and on Jess Smith Road.

The Randolph County Fire inspector says two buildings were residential and two were commercial, and they were all abandoned.

A firefighter told WXII-TV when he arrived at the fire on Millboro Road, the flames were shooting so high, they were hitting the trees above the building.

One of the buildings was the Cedar Falls Historic Post Office.

There's no word this morning on what started these fires or if they were coincidental or a result of arson.