Trinity looks ahead to the new year

Dec. 27, 2012 @ 07:21 PM

While 2012 is coming to the end, Trinity officials are preparing for 2013 by setting things in motion for their annual retreat.
The retreat is tentatively scheduled to be held in early March at the City Hall Annex building.
City Manager Debbie Hinson said she looks forward to hearing what councilmembers have to say at the upcoming retreat. This will be her first time acting as city manager at the yearly gathering.
“I would like to receive input from council members regarding ideas in relationship to addressing both the needs and dreams of our residents, discuss and establish the direction of future growth possibilities for the city, and to begin development of a plan that would address how to produce the revenues needed to meet the expenditures of the city while still allowing plans for growth and dreams,” Hinson said.
Councilman Chester Ayers said while it is still early, and some things may be taken care of before they meet, he hopes to bring up any ideas that residents in his ward give him.
“I might want to bring up something to help those who can’t afford trash,” Ayers said. “We need to talk about getting a public works building and decide what we are going to do.”
Councilwoman Debbie Frazier agrees with Ayers in the fact that Trinity needs a trash program that is conducive to their senior residents on a fixed income.
“One of my biggest concerns is mandatory garbage service and how it affects the elderly on a fixed income,” Frazier said. “You have elderly people here who are on a fixed income and have to choose between paying $15 for mandatory garbage or food and medicine.”
Councilman Tommy Johnson said he would like to focus more on the growth of the city. According to Johnson, some of the things that residents would like to see include a grocery store and a building supply company located in the Finch Farm and Interstate 85 area.
“One of the main things that has to happen is growth. We need to figure out how to bring growth - both residential and business,” Johnson said. “We have got the sewer system bonds that will be concluded in 2014 and all the payments are due. We need growth to bring revenue.”
Johnson said that he still believes that the city should still look into having some place to gather.
“I think we need to develop amenities that are common ground places for the entire community, such as parks,” Johnson said. “I am still a firm believer in that. We also need to address how we are going to handle the sewer that we have instead of subcontracting.” | 888-3657