KKK fliers not welcome in area city

Apr. 23, 2014 @ 02:58 PM

Leaders and residents of Archdale have a simple, straightforward message for anyone who has been circulating hate-group fliers in their community — your message and actions aren’t welcome here.

Earlier this month, residents of the Robin’s Nest neighborhood said fliers with a message from the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan were circulated in yards. The fliers were spread through the neighborhood during the early part of April, a time frame that corresponds with the anniversary of the Rev. Martin Luther King’s assassination on April 4, 1968, in Memphis, Tenn.
Archdale Mayor Bert Lance-Stone said she knows of no incidents or reasons why Klan members would target the northern Randolph County city. The actions of the people who circulated the fliers aren’t appreciated or welcome, she told The High Point Enterprise.
“There’s no place for anything like that in our community,” the mayor said.
Robin’s Nest resident Joan Musgrave, who found one of the fliers on the ground in her neighborhood, said she’s puzzled why a group such as the Klan would circulate its message there. Robin’s Nest is a tranquil neighborhood where people of different backgrounds get along, Musgrave said.
“I’m puzzled why they would do this,” Musgrave said.
The Archdale Police Department was made aware of the Klan fliers by a resident of Robin’s Nest and has monitored the situation, said police Capt. Mickey Denny.
“Nobody has ever seen anybody putting the fliers out. They are either doing it secretly or when people are not at home,” Denny said.
A spokesman for an organization that tracks hate group activity across the country said the leafleting in Archdale is part of a larger-scale flier campaign conducted by the Loyal White Knights. The group is based out of Eden in northern Rockingham County.
The Loyal White Knights has grown from the third-largest to single-largest Klan entity among the 27 Klan groups in the United States that have different names, said Mark Potok, senior fellow with the Southern Poverty Law Center based in Birmingham, Ala. During the past year, Loyal White Knights members have been on a “fliering campaign in quite a few states around the country,” Potok told the Enterprise.
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