What will you pay for water?

May. 14, 2013 @ 05:09 PM

The operators of Randleman Regional Reservoir raised their rates on the drinking water they provide to area communities Tuesday, though it doesn’t automatically mean customers of those communities will pay more for the water coming out of their taps.
The board of the Piedmont Triad Regional Water Authority voted unanimously for a 3 percent increase in its wholesale water rate charged to Randolph County and five area cities and towns. Randolph County and the cities and towns, in turn, charge their residential and commercial customers for water they provide from Randleman Lake and any other water sources.
The cities that receive water from Randleman Lake include High Point, Archdale and Jamestown.
“The 3 percent rate increase from the Piedmont Triad Regional Water Authority was projected and is included in the city of High Point’s water and sewer budget. It will not have an immediate impact on city water and sewer rates, but is one of the factors along with major planned capital expenditures that will impact water and sewer rates in the future,” said Pat Pate, assistant city manager.
The city of High Point is considering a water and sewer in its upcoming 2013-14 fiscal year budget, which is set to be in place July 1. The primary reasons for the expected increase are the expansion of the Westside Wastewater Treatment Plant and upgrades to the Eastside Wastewater Treatment Plant.
The increase in the rate for water from Randleman Lake won’t affect what customers of Archdale pay for water, said City Manager Jerry Yarborough.
“We should be able to accommodate it in our rate structure. We were anticipating it,” Yarborough said.
Customers of Jamestown also shouldn’t see an increase in their rates in the upcoming fiscal year, said Town Manager Chuck Smith.
“We were told by the Water Authority in March of the possible increase,” Smith told The High Point Enterprise. “We’re not proposing a water/sewer rate increase this year. We can absorb it for this year.”
The Water Authority’s wholesale rate increase is the first in two years, said agency Executive Director Greg Flory. The Water Authority is trying to build up funds in its capital reserves so the agency will have money to replace water system components as they age out in the future, Flory told the board during its monthly meeting. 
The Water Authority rate increase will take effect July 1. The rate is increasing from 88 cents per 1,000 gallons of water to 91 cents per 1,000 gallons.

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Randleman Regional Reservoir, opened three years ago, was decades in the making to become a drinking water source for five area cities and towns, as well as Randolph County. The municipalities that receive water from the 3,000-acre Randleman Lake are High Point, Greensboro, Jamestown, Archdale and Randleman. The lake is primarily in Randolph County, though a portion of the reservoir reaches into Guilford County.
In addition to a drinking water source, Randleman Lake is a recreational fishing and boating location. For more information about the lake, check the website www.ptrwa.org — the reservoir is operated by the Piedmont Triad Regional Water Authority.