Trinity students to get dose of reality

Mar. 15, 2013 @ 05:47 PM

Trinity High School students will get a small slice of reality next week.
The school will host the Reality Store on Wednesday for students to get a glimpse of life after high school. The Reality Store is a financial literacy exercise that Communities in Schools of Randolph County initiates each year for area high schools. The exercise exposes high schoolers to the realities of getting a paycheck, paying all the bills and possibly being a single parent.
“We hope it gives students a dose of reality,” said CISRC Executive Director Sandi Norman. “We hope it shows the importance of staying in school, furthering education beyond high school in order to get a job that will help them and their family and provide a lifestyle they want.”
The students are randomly given a profile that will tell them their marital status, number of dependent children and their job. They receive a paycheck for the month and visit different reality stations, including housing, transportation, child care, entertainment and an “unexpected expenses” station.
“Job incomes come in all ranges,” Norman said. “Some get doctors that pay all their bills and have money left over for entertainment. Other students get one that is low-paying, and they may be a single parent that has two dependent children.”
Volunteers at each station act as sellers of everything the profile would need, including necessities like utilities and housing.
“This is reality, and it finally shows them how hard it is for their parents each month,” she said.