Shadybrook holds spelling bee

Jan. 24, 2013 @ 04:52 PM

After 20 grueling rounds and 137 words, Christina Seu was crowned the champion of Shadybrook Elementary’s spelling bee Thursday.
The schoolwide contest featured students from the fourth- and fifth-grade levels. Assistant Principal April Conley said the students have worked hard to prepare for the bee.
“We have been doing the spelling bee for several years now. We think it is an important way to highlight students’ strengths,” Conley said. “Nowadays, with technology and spell check, spelling is not emphasized as much. It is really an incredible skill, and for many of our kids, spelling is a way that they can excel in school.”
Seu, a fifth-grader at the school, said she studied a vocabulary list from first- through eighth-grade classes. She said the words from seventh and eighth grades were the hardest. Her winning word was ‘occupancy,’ pulled form the seventh-grade list.
“I am happy that I will represent my school and maybe make it a winner,” Seu said. “I am really excited.”
Alanna Lash, runner-up, said she’s OK with not winning because both girls just wanted someone from their class, Mrs. McColl’s class, to take the title.
“Christina and I studied together, and we are from the same class, so we wanted one of us to win,” Lash said.
Conley said the experience helps students build the school community.
“The kids get very excited about the spelling bee and are all very supportive of each other,” Conley said. “We really enjoy it  and have a great time. We are so proud of all of the students who choose to participate and the ones who have the courage to get up on the stage. We are really looking forward to the district competition.”
Seu will represent the school at the Guilford County Schools district spelling bee on Feb. 13 at Penn-Griffin School for the Arts. | 888-3657

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