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Domestic violence initiative up for another award
Feb. 22, 2013 @ 04:54 PM

HIGH POINT — City leaders won’t find out until spring how a High Point Police Department strategy for combatting domestic violence fares in a national competition that carries a possible prize of $5 million.

In the meantime, a separate fan favorite contest among the finalists is ongoing.

High Point is one of 20 cities competing in the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge, a national competition organized by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to generate innovative solutions to the problems facing American cities.

The city was selected as a finalist based on the police department’s approach to reducing domestic violence through a groundbreaking initiative that seeks to hold domestic offenders more accountable.

A panel of judges will determine the winner of the $5 million grand prize, as well as one of four additional prizes of $1 million each.

Bloomberg Philanthropies has partnered with The Huffington Post to launch the Mayors Challenge Fan Favorite website. From now until March 6, anyone can go to the site and vote on the finalists.

The winning city will receive a $50,000 grant from IBM to support implementation of their project. The winner also receives featured coverage and promotion from The Huffington Post, including a monthly column for the mayor for a year and an interview with website founder Arianna Huffington.

“In recent years, as Washington has sunk further into a swamp of dysfunction, local leaders are rising to meet many of the toughest challenges facing the country — from economic growth and environmental protection to public safety and poverty,” Huffington and Bloomberg wrote in a blog post about the Mayors Challenge Fan Favorite. “Cities have become the new laboratories of democracy, and there are promising policy experiments happening all across the country. Solutions to many of our most pressing challenges will need to be pioneered in cities.”

The site has a description of the initiative by Mayor Bernita Sims, as well as a video about it.

The initiative involves a sophisticated system of tracking suspects and offenders that escalates consequences against them if they don’t heed the warnings of police, prosecutors, probation officials and members of the community.

The Fan Favorite winner will be announced at approximately the same time as the five Mayors Challenge winners. CLICK HERE  to vote on the Fan Favorite website.

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