UPDATE: 2nd jail escapee caught

May. 02, 2013 @ 08:16 AM

UPDATE 8:10 A.M.

Greensboro Police Wednesday night arrested the second suspect in the escape from the High Point Jail that occurred on March 16.

At about 8:20 pm, the Greensboro Police responded to 4225 West Wendover Ave. responding to an anonymous caller who saide that one of the subjects who had escaped from the jail was inside of the Home Depot.  The officers quickly located a subject matching the suspect’s description and detained him without incident.  He was not armed, according to Greensboro police.

The Home Depot is along Wendover not far from the interchange with Interstat 40.

The suspect was positively identified as escapee Jose Alberto Hernandez-Hernandez.  He was arrested without incident on outstanding warrants related to his escape.  He was turned over to Guilford County Sheriff’s Department personnel, who continued the investigation. 




Guilford County Sheriff’s captured an inmate who escaped the High Point Jail last month and are taking every precaution to make sure he stays put. 
“He is an escape risk and everybody knows that so whenever he’s moved, he will be in shackles and a belly belt,” said Col. Randy Powers. “When we do the court stuff it is done by video and if he has to go to court, he will be watched very closely. He is under a tighter security watch.”
Jose Idel Sid, 36, escaped from the High Point Jail one afternoon with his cellmate Jose Hernandez- Hernandez, who is still at large. Sid had been in the jail since Aug. 12, 2012 awaiting trial and possibly deportation. Both were arrested on child sex charges.
The cellmates escaped through a 15-by-13 hole in the cell Plexiglas window by using pieces of metal taken from the ceiling vent in their cell.
It was the first escape in 18 years.
Powers said that Sid is in the maximum security of the Greensboro Jail.
Powers said Sid will not have any windows to climb out of his cell. The cells are windowless, have a cot-mattress bed that is attached to the wall and a combined steel sink-toilet, also attached to the concrete-brick wall.
“The chances of him getting out of that is slim to none. There are so many doors to get through that he would literally have to walk past the people and out the doors,” Powers said.
The new jail has five floors, 456 security cameras, supervisor operated gates and elevators. The no-frills pod design features high-and-medium-security cells on three floors above a two-story central core of offices, laundries, clinics and kitchens.

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