Police Community Day draws good crowd

Sep. 14, 2013 @ 05:10 PM

The kids of the Boys and Girls Clubs blew the High Point Police Department out of the water in the annual kickball game at the police department’s Community Day, assuming anyone was keeping score.
With more than 1,000 people coming and going throughout the day, Community Outreach Officer Robert Burchette said the event Saturday was a success.
“We couldn’t have ordered better weather,” he said. “With promotion and our partnership with Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club and Boys and Girls Club of Greater High Point, we had a great turnout this year.”
The department has held the annual Community Day for more than 20 years.
“It allows folks to come in to see police in a positive light because oftentimes when we get calls, that’s not the case,” said David Dulin, High Point police special projects coordinator.
Shannon Hollis stopped by the event with her young daughter to watch their son play in the kickball game.
“It’s a really good time for all of us,” Hollis said. “It’s fun to see our officers have fun with our kids.”
Mark Levell said Community Day also is about setting an example for the next generation.
“People only get to see the police at scenes of accidents or crimes. It’s good to see them have fun and be good influences on our kids,” Levell said.
Burchette said the event is important to give the entire community a chance to see what their police officers do and mingle in a positive way.
“It’s good for the people we serve to see us in a different light, and we aren’t having to be the enforcers, we can all just enjoy eating and having fun together,” Burchette said.
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