Local Y’s rebrand

Dec. 17, 2012 @ 05:51 PM

High Point YMCAs are making the switch to The Y.
The YMCA of Greater High Point, which includes Carl Chavis, Hartley Drive and Grubb branches, should all make the logo switch by mid January.
In 2010, the YMCA of the USA announced that it would change its moniker to The Y after more than two years of research indicating than many people don’t understand what the group does and it wants to increase their impact nationwide.
“We’re going head over heels into this,” said YMCA of High Point’s CEO David Ozmore. “This certainly represents a change for our organization visually, but it is much more than a change to our logo. It is a change in the way we talk about Y programs and services to the greater community.”
The logo change will cost the nonprofit upward of $35,000 to change signs, buses, shirts, pamphlets and other materials.
“The Y has long been seen as a community pillar that excels in our service to youth, health and social responsibility,” Ozmore said. “It is only fitting that we change our language and visual logo to signal this re-focus on what we do best.”
The refreshed logo has multiple color options and a more contemporary look. According to the Y of the USA, it reflects the vibrancy of the organization and the diversity of the communities it serves. The new logo’s bold, active and welcoming shape symbolizes the Y’s commitment to personal and social progress.
“There are several key components to this new logo,” Ozmore said. “The color schemes are very vibrant, the logo includes the letters YMCA for the first time, but the most important aspect for me is the “triangle” that represents spirit, mind and body.”
The changes are under way at the Grubb YMCA in Trinity and will begin soon at the Hartley Drive and Chavis branches.
“There was a disconnect between our mission and how we were being perceived,” said Ulice Payne, former chairman of the national Board of the YMCA in a statement. “It’s more than the logo, it’s more than the name, it’s about community.”