Sweet Sounds for Penn-Griffin

Dec. 15, 2012 @ 03:12 PM

A popular school and community program will get a musical upgrade next month.

Penn-Griffin School for the Arts will receive two string-levered harps for the school’s harps program from a High Point Community Foundation Principals’ Fund grant. Penn-Griffin is the only school in the Guilford County Schools district with an officially certified and accredited harps program.  
Students play on much smaller harps.
“We are proud that Penn-Griffin has developed and expanded this exciting arts offering,” said Vicki Miller, chair of the Principals’ Fund.  “We hope this grant will serve to send a message to the students that their efforts have not gone unnoticed and how excited we are to support them.”
The Principals’ Fund committee was very impressed with the money the students and instructor, Mike Connors, raised toward the purchase of the harps, Miller said.  “Students love this program, and now they will have real harps to play,” Miller said. The harps program has a long waiting list, and with the addition of these new instruments, more students will have the opportunity to learn and master the harp.
“The tiny harps do not have many strings. With 34 strings on a larger harp, students will be able to play more notes and a wider range of arrangements,” said Connors, who has received the Mayor’s Award for Teacher of the Arts.   
“We will be able to fill a room with sound now.”
Connors and his students perform throughout the community to build awareness for their instrument, the Celtic harp, and the arts program at Penn-Griffin.
“We could not have done this without Vicki Miller and the foundation,” Connors said. 
The Principals’ Fund in more than four year has distributed more than $40,000 to projects ranging from cultural fairs to underwriting field trips, purchasing books for school libraries and funding band uniforms for area high schools. 

Principals’ Fund

Mission: To help local principals pay for unexpected needs, often paid for out of the teachers’ or principals’ own pockets, that arise and are not covered in the school budget.  

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