Snow brings fun for sledders

Jan. 18, 2013 @ 03:58 PM

Some High Point area roads were an icy mess Friday morning, and that was fine with Jarod Whitlow and Gracie Mohan.
The cousins were among a group of neighborhood children who took the opportunity to go sledding down a steep snow and ice-covered hill on Overbrook Drive.
“This is the best hill,” said Gracie, 10, after a run in her plastic sled took her a good ways down the long slope before she veered gently into the curb. She was all smiles, even in recalling a previous wipeout.
“I flipped over a couple of times,” she said, dusting herself off and heading back up the hill for another run.
She and Jarod, 14, were building up more speed with each successive run as the sled track got slicker the more kids joined in the fun.
One of them was 12-year-old Tyler Spano, who rocketed down the hill headfirst on his sled. He said he had been looking forward to coming back to the hill since the last time he went sledding down it a couple of years ago.
“I think it’s a lot better this time because it’s icier, so it’s a lot faster,” said Tyler.
The kids had the hill all to themselves Friday morning. Passing cars were few and far between, as many residents appeared to be waiting for some of the snow to melt before venturing out to work from the quiet neighborhood off W. Lexington Avenue. Overbrook and surrounding streets were taking awhile to for the sun to turn things to slush, so the fun continued through much of the morning.
“We’ll keep going until we have to stop, I guess, or our parents call us home,” said Jarod.