Local church gets new pastor

Feb. 08, 2013 @ 06:19 PM

Calvary Baptist Church will welcome in a new shepherd to lead the church as it continues to grow, in size and spirit.

The church, located at the corner of Hilltop Street and Vail Avenue, will hold an installation service at 3 p.m. Sunday for its new senior pastor, Amos Quick III. Quick, best known for his work on the Guilford County Board of Education, said this is the work that he has been called to do.
“God certainly called me into ministry. He made it in such a way that there was nothing I could do and be comfortable.” Quick said. “I have been received into a loving congregation and in return, I have loved the congregation back. We have worked together to do some incredible things in the five months that I have been here.”
Quick, who has been with the church since September 2012, said the church has made many upgrades and is looking to reach out into the community. He said the church has updated its website, has added a Wednesday night worship service in addition to the church’s Bible study and is preparing for its April revival.
“No pastor accomplishes all of that by himself,” Quick said. “Our membership has grown, with new members and those who are returning back to Calvary. It is because members are going out and talking about their church, and not me as the pastor.”
Quick said his new position would not distract him from his duties as a school board member.
“Given the advantage of a pastoral position, I feel that I can advocate more effectually for young people, as I have done for many years. I have always worked with or for youth,” Quick said. 
The church is looking to work with Fairview Elementary and High Point Central in the future. Quick said he believes it’s important for religious leaders to stand up for social justice.
“Religious leaders are also part of a social justice ministry. My tenure on the school board allows for that. There can be some advocacy for those children who may be overlooked,” Quick said. “Certainly, I advocate for all children and enjoy doing it for all children.”
Quick said the church has plans to grow its worship service, enhance the Christian education experience, partner with community agencies and schools, establish a nonprofit and increase and retain membership.
For more information about Quick or the church, visit www.calvaryhighpoint.com
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