More study needed for Triangle Lake school

Dec. 18, 2012 @ 09:59 PM

Guilford County Schools officials will make no changes in the
Triangle Lake Montessori School program until they look further into
whether the school should be a dedicated magnet.
The Board of Education decided Tuesday to take no action on a held over
motion that would have allowed neighborhood children to attend the school
through fifth grade.
Several parents have lobbied the school board to keep the magnet at
Triangle Lake with an attendance zone.  Triangle Lake has been a “pure”
Montessori school since 2006. New neighborhood students above second grade
must attend an alternate school.  Most go to Colfax and Union Hill
elementaries.  Washington Street Montessori in Greensboro accepts students
through sixth grade.
The issue came up as the board began discussions on providing bus service
for students to attend magnet schools. Last month the board voted 8-2 to
continue the flow of Spanish Immersion students from Jones Elementary to
Aycock Middle School to Grimsley High School in Greensboro, but not to pay
for transportation to Grimsley.
Students in the Triangle  Lake attendance zone who do not attend the
school qualify for bus service to Union Hill and Colfax elementaries. Of
the 289 students in the school zone in the Pre-K to second grade age
group, 106 attend Triangle Lake.
Board member Carlvena Foster of High Point suggested making the school a
dedicated magnet like Erwin Montessori in Greensboro.
“The ideal is a dedicated magnet. We should leave it the way it is for
now,” Foster said.
Foster said that most parents in the Triangle Lake neighborhood are not
dissatisfied with the way things are now.  For years the school system
has allowed parents to send their children to traditional schools if they
did not like schools with special themes.
“This could mean a new zone for the school, or using the same zone,” said
Chairman Alan Duncan. “We need to look at it to see what best serves the
The district academic staff also will look at creating a questionnaire for
parents to help parents decide on placing their children in the Montessori
Board member Sandra Alexander suggested the parent questionnaire and
possible conferences with school staff to help parents decide if the
school would be a good fit for their children.
“This would let parents be a part of the decision-making process,”
Alexander said.
“We should help students be part of this school if that is what they
want,” said board member Nancy Routh. “We should not exclude children.” | 888-3626



Montessori: The method is based on child-centered activity in the arts and
sciences designed to encourage student involvement, autonomy and

Busing:The district will continue bus service next year for students at
Triangle Lake Montessori in High Point and Washington Montessori, Peeler
Open Elementary and Hampton Academy in Greensboro where programs differ
dramatically from traditional schools, but not for most students attending
magnet schools.