Gov. Perdue visits TCS

Nov. 29, 2012 @ 05:05 PM

Students at Thomasville Primary Elementary received a surprise visit from Gov. Bev Perdue as she presented Thomasville City Schools with a North Carolina Innovator in Digital Learning banner. The system, one of 10 school systems recognized, has been invited to a reception at the Governor’s Mansion on Dec. 5, as well as a luncheon at the state school board association.
Criteria for the award was based on a scoring system in the areas of curriculum and instruction, professional development, administration and instructional support, student learning outcomes, infrastructure and technical support and leadership.
“We are happy to have Gov. Perdue take time out of her busy schedule to come here,” said Superintendent Keith Tobin. “We are very proud to accept this award, and it means a lot to our school and our community. It is a lot of people working very hard.”
Perdue told students that the school system was at the top of the list due to the strides they had made in technology.
“I decided to take some time out and find the very best 10 school systems in the state to see how kids benefit from technology; you all are the rock stars” Perdue said. “What you’re learning in these classrooms is getting you ready for jobs.”
TCS received more than $1 million from an impact grant five years ago with the three primary goals to implement a change in the system. The goals were to increase student achievement, improve the graduation rate and to reduce the rate of teacher turnover. The system met those goals by providing laptop computers to all students at Thomasville High School, focusing on professional development and using interactive white boards in every classroom.
The system has recently completed an upgrade of its technology infrastructure with hopes of providing all of its teachers with iPads for a 3-D reading program.
“Technology is something that we really have put an emphasis on in the last few years to make sure we have it integrated in our instruction every day,” Tobin said. “It is important to our kids because we want them to be ready for the 21st century. The technology makes a different and is going to make a difference in our community.” | 888-3657